Prolube® EPA Bio-Premium Marine EP Grease 12 x 400 gr

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EPA Bio-Premium Marine EP Grease

A Premium Grease for extreme loads and temperatures – a biodegradable and water-resistant grease with EP on a lithium complex basis


Prolube ® Bio-Premium Marine EP Grease - It has excellent lubricating properties. It is a high-quality grease that is biodegradable, water-resistant and prevents corrosion. It withstands all weather conditions, salt water and rinsing with water. It has been created for mechanisms that are submersed in sea water for long periods of time. It contains thickeners and EP additives, which assist in resisting extreme loads and guarantee highly efficient use. Prolube® Bio-Premium Marine EP Grease conforms to the highest requirements of the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) for “GC-LB” norms that are the highest for extreme performance, for the best protection against wear and tear, oxidation, corrosion and friction. Created to be used in a wide range of operating temperatures. It reduces noise and vibrations.

Ideal for the marine industry: ship equipment, high and low gear equipment, bearings, cog wheels, runners, rollers, slides, bolts, cables, wire ropes, shafts, cardan shafts and hundreds of other applications where extreme pressure and loads occur.

Technical specifications:


NLGI, "GC-LB"  2
ColorAqua blue
Operating temperature range      -43°C to +222°C
Dropping point+280°C
Viscosity index205
Base oil flash point+329°C


Lithium Complex

Specification Description
Verpakking 12 x 400 gr cartridge
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