Why choose ProLube?

500% Higher Lubrication Quality

Our products are made from base rapeseed oils that offer up to 500% Higher Lubrication Quality than petroleum oils for increased safety and meet the highest environmental requirements - ISO 14001.

Due to their unique polarity, Prolube vegetable base oil molecules tightly bond and stick to metal surface forming  a strong, and durable film layer with extraordinary lubrication properties. Higher oxidation stability, low temperature flowability, delivers high thin film strength and offers superior lubricity and high-temperature stability. Prolube lubricants reduce friction generated high operating temperatures, and diminish friction and wear better and are much more efficiently than conventional greases and oils. Our biodegradable greases and oils are premium quality products that are biobased and water washout resistant.
Prolube products are USDA BioPreffered® certified, our products meet the stringent requirements of the tests OECD 301 biodegradation tests, do not bioaccumulate, are not toxic to plants and are neutral in the water.

Prolube food-grade products are registered with the NSF International® meaning that the product complies with all standard requirements and it has been registered with one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today.

ProLube® Comparison of Force To Seize Failure*

* The comparison of force (weld load and wear behavior) of the Prolube ® base oil with conventional products for industry and everyday application.
The test procedure was carried out using professional Timken and Pin & Vee Block Test Equipment - acc. ASTM D 3233 A.

Even at high rotational speed, extreme pressure loads and high operating temperatures, the Prolube ® products ensure excellent lubrication, sustainable protection and long grease or oil change intervals.

ProLube ® Greases and Oils

Our products offer higher operating temperatures than conventional greases and lubricating oils. ProLube ® help to reduce high operating temperatures, friction and wear. The coating/film which is formed by our oil base is resistant to run-off at high speed, thinning at high temperatures and thus has a higher resistance to extreme pressure and overload.

Thanks to the exceptionally good lubricating abilities, high strength of our lubricants and oils, there is no need for frequent reapplication, as in the case of products based on petroleum, silicone or Teflon ® .. ProLube ® are miscible with conventional mineral oil-based lubricants and oils, makes it much easier to replace them.


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